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本文摘要:SAN FRANCISCO — Google likes its ambitions sky high. This time, it has gone a little further.旧金山——谷歌(Google)一向不缺乏凌云壮志。而这一次,它又有了更高的目标。


SAN FRANCISCO — Google likes its ambitions sky high. This time, it has gone a little further.旧金山——谷歌(Google)一向不缺乏凌云壮志。而这一次,它又有了更高的目标。

The Internet giant, along with Fidelity, has invested $1 billion in SpaceX, the private rocketry company founded by Elon Musk. The move will help Google achieve its aim of bringing satellite Internet to remote corners of the world while giving SpaceX a round of fresh capital for its founder to pursue dreams of going to Mars.这家互联网巨头与Fidelity一道,为埃隆·马斯克(Elon Musk)创立的私营火箭公司SpaceX投资了10亿美元。此举有助谷歌构建让世界上的偏僻角落拥有卫星互联网服务的目标,同时也让SpaceX取得了新一轮的投资,使它的创始人可以之后找寻攀上火星的梦想。

In a statement on its website, SpaceX said the money would be used “to support continued innovation in the areas of space transport, reusability and satellite manufacturing.”SpaceX在其网站上发表声明称之为,这笔资金将不会用作“反对航天运输、反复利用和卫星生产领域的持续创意”。A Google spokesman said Don Harrison, Google’s vice president for corporate development, would join the board of SpaceX. In a statement, Mr. Harrison said: “Space-based applications, like imaging satellites, can help people more easily access important information, so we’re excited to support SpaceX’s growth as it develops new launch technologies.”谷歌的一名发言人说道,谷歌的企业发展副总裁唐·哈里森(Don Harrison)将重新加入SpaceX的董事会。哈里森在一份声明中说道:“太空技术的实际应用于,比如光学卫星,可以协助人们更为精彩地提供最重要信息,因此能在SpaceX研发新的升空技术时,为它的茁壮获取反对,我们深感十分兴奋。

”In addition to an interest in a decent payoff on its investment, Google may be seeking to put itself into orbit. Last year, Google bought Skybox Imaging, a maker of small, high-resolution imaging satellites, for about $500 million. Google already offers satellite imagery in its Google Earth product, but must purchase these images from multiple sources, often receiving what company executives have said is uneven image quality.除了相当可观的投资报酬,谷歌有可能还在谋求把自己的卫星送到轨道。去年,谷歌以约5亿美元(约合30亿元人民币)的价格并购了Skybox Imaging,它是一家小型高分辨率光学卫星的制造商。

谷歌早已在谷歌地球(Google Earth)产品中获取了卫星图像,但必需从有所不同来源出售这些图像,公司低管说道,这些图像质量经常参差不齐。Google may also be interested in developing satellites with other kinds of sensors, like infrared detectors that show the health of crops, or lasers that can pierce forest canopies to show underlying terrain.谷歌有可能还想研发具有其他感应器装置的卫星,比如展出庄稼健康状况的红外探测器,或是需要击穿森林覆盖面积展出地形的激光设备。

The company has also shown interest in transforming the Internet connectivity business with high-altitude balloons that people can use to get online from remote locations. That same transmission technology could conceivably be put on satellites as well. Google is in competition with Facebook, which is also interested in advanced means of connectivity and which last year purchased a drone company potentially capable of carrying Internet devices.谷歌还展现出出有了用高空气球为互联网相连带给变革的心愿。这种高空气球可以让地处偏僻的人终端互联网。

可以再会,某种程度的传输技术需要用在卫星上。谷歌正在与Facebook进行竞争,后者也对先进设备的网络连接手段打消了兴趣,并于去年并购了一家无人机公司,这种无人机未来将会配备互联网设备。Google and Fidelity will collectively own 10 percent of SpaceX because of the investment.作出这笔投资后,谷歌和Fidelity将联合享有SpaceX公司10%的股份。

The Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin have also expressed personal interest in space exploration. Early in the company’s history it offered employee lectures on building so-called space elevators that could theoretically launch objects off Earth more cheaply than rockets could.谷歌创始人拉里·佩奇(Larry Page)和谢尔盖·布林(Sergey Brin)也曾传达过对于太空探寻的个人兴趣。谷歌公司在创立初期,曾对员工做到过关于生产所谓的“太空电梯”的讲座。